Frequently Asked Questions

See the most frequently asked questions about our callback software pricing.

What is Web Click To Call?

Click-to-call allows customer to connect to your company’s representative’s phone directly from a browser.
With just a click of a button, the potential customer can call a designated representative phone.

What Platforms are supported on Web Click To Call?

Click-to-call support most browsers except IE

What is the Web Click to Call HTML Script?

We require 4 lines of html to generate the widget/button.
Html javascript
Webrtc javascript.

How to install Web Click to Call Script?

You can use the user guide which comes with your account set up to do the installation to your website or for further assistance please Click to Call us for our friendly Super Support.

What system is Web Click To Call Running on?

Web Click to Call is running on a proprietary java script which is customized by Singapore Based Company Converged Solutions Pte Ltd. This script works with any website in any language and integration is an ease with our step by step guide and super support quick installation service hotline.

We support various type of website in php and .net and HTML based websites and even popular CMS like WordPress, Doodle and Drupal, Shopify and even Wix.

With our seamless and less than 2 minutes integration, you can convert your customers instantly once your free account is being set up.

What are the main features of Web Click to Call Script?

Easy to implement,
Call to any phone number
Able to use schedule.

How can Web Click to Call Help increase my Sales?

With Web Click to Call ,you will never miss an inquiry for any reason be it the customer is in a different country or there are problems with the web email inquiry form. Web Click to Call captures your customers information and convert real time website traffic to instant leads for your business thus increasing the sales.

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