The “traditional” means of conversion marketing is to get online viewers to use their mobile phone or landline number to dial the sales hotline for inquiry. In return the sales agent will do their best to close sales with them over the phone.

The next method is email inquiries which interested viewers will either email directly to company or use the inquiry form that is usually provided in “contact us” page to get call back services from sales team.

While such practices may be seen common and practical, more and more people have realized that companies tend to perform better in terms of getting more online sales when they choose to innovate and invest in new technological business software to increase the conversion rate.

One of this method is known as Web Click to Call

Also known as Click to dial or Click to talk, this online software allows the sales or marketing agents to receive inbound calls directing from the online caller or to make outbound calls based from the phone numbers provided via web pages, contact lists or emails.

This business software not only offers the convenience for the viewers browsing the website to communicate with the It may be a fact that technology has provided many abundant opportunities and convenience to
many businesses across many industries.

But the real issue is how business owners can leverage on the resources available to them and maximize it’s potential.

This is especially true when it comes to converting viewers online to potential customers when they browse the company’s website.

sales or customer service agents, increase the productivity of the call agents and higher sales conversion rate for the company in return.

Some of the benefits included –

1. Ability to track Real Time traffic from the targeted website.

2. Advantage to convert Sales leads globally without incurring additional international roaming charges from both parties.

3. High quality audio calls

4. In-built call logging systems and Analytics

For companies that operates in Singapore, they can also enjoy additional benefits from the Singapore government such as Productivity Solutions Grant which allows companies to get up to 70% funding support when companies make new investments on IT equipment (hardware) or pre-scoped IT solutions (software) such as Web Click to Call and other related software.

The main reason why Web Click to Call software is qualify for Productivity Solutions Grant to help local companies across all industry is due to the fact that this solution comprised of several functions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Management System.

Although there may be many companies in Singapore that offers click to call solutions to business owners.

WebClick has definitely certainly stands out above the rest as they not only offer their customers the best Value and Return on investments.

The management and the support team of WebClick are always ready to commit themselves delivering the Best professional service available in their arsenal, aiming to resolve immediate business issues and Save their client’s Cost and Time in long term.