What is Web Click to Call and How Can It Help Turn Website Traffic Into Customers

In this digital era where most people regardless of age and nationality has easily learnt to use and adapt to the mobile and web-based technology to communicate with one another.

By using their mobile phones or laptops without the inconvenience and hassle to find a physical phone that solely depends on the local telecommunication network. It is much easier to establish a global communication network where people not only save time and money but at the same time establish a new form of communication network that benefits many people on the global scale both on businesses and personal reasons.

Although there is many web-based software in the market that can offer alternatives for companies to contact their clients without installing landlines or using mobile phones.

Web Click to Call has many advantages that goes above and beyond the expectations which greatly benefits those who has use its services to grow their business.

In short, Click-to-call is a form of web-based communication system that allows any potential customer whom have browse through your website and is given an option to contact your company’s sales or marketing representative’s phone when they select the “Click me” or “Contact us” button within the website.

This in turn gives the Sales, Marketing or Customer Service Representatives the opportunity to provide value to the callers and close sales.

The Main features and Advantages of using Web Click to Call script are…

A) It is easy to implement and user friendly.
B) You can make outgoing calls to any phone number and convert leads to customers globally without them to incur any international phone charges.
C) You can use the “Call Scheduling” tool to make appointments online that instantly connect your website visitors to the Sales or marketing team with additional data-driven insights.

Using Web Click to Call systems also have several benefits to business as mentioned below

The ability to target on real time website traffic that is based on how many potential customers has selected the “click me” button in the website for more inquires
There is no restriction geographically as you can reach out and convert potential sales leads on the global scale
Companies that use Web Click to Call systems not only provide a higher sales conversion rate for the sales personnel but also saves them precious time to correspond with customer via email which makes it more productive in the long term
Web Click to Call has superior quality in audio that ensures both parties (callers and sales/help desk agent) to communicate with each other
Companies can track click to call customers with customized script that adapts to any form of website that comes with any call logging systems and analytics functions
Web Click to Call has the advantages to increase website conversions using the collected data statistics which offer insights for business to promote their products or services to potential customers
One unique advantage of using Web Click to Call system is that companies can tap on the Marketing Automation platforms to be more efficient in marketing multiple channels online and reduce the hassle by automating daily repetitive tasks

Instead of hiring Helpdesk agents or outsourcing call centers for customer support, companies that use Web Click to Call systems will not only save costs and also having the ability to manage the customer’s portfolio with ease

With the fully customized Click to call button, you can decide what is best for your customers and solve their problems

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